Wednesday , November 25 2020

About Technolizers


Hey Guys,

Welcome to Technolizers – A blogging platform where I will be sharing information regarding different aspects of Web World like Hosting, Web Tools & Technology, Make online money, SEO and SMM, Success Stories, Freelancing, etc.

But, before we go ahead, I wanted to share few of my details with you.

Mahesh Yadav
I am Mahesh Yadav. 

Developer by Profession But Blogger by Passion.

I completed my schooling and graduation from Aurangabad (Maharashtra). Then I pursued MBA-IT from Pune University. In June 2014, I started my own Web Development firm.


How I become a Blogger –

While developing different sites, I used to search for queries/issues I encounter and gets the answers on different sites like stackoverflow, wpbeginner, quora, 9lessons, shoutmeloud, etc. My often interaction with these sites, led me to a thought to start my own blog.


Why Blogging –

Initially, I did not have any clue about blogging as I was busy in developing websites and web apps. But, as I was spending more of my time searching for technical question-answers on these sites, I got curious about Blogging. I got fascinated with the concept of sharing the information you have with world and to interact with readers and to guide the beginners.

I also got familiar with make money blogging, affiliate marketing. I thought, If my passion is going to make money for me, then how cool that would be..!!!

And so, Blogging became my Passion.


What will be the content –

As I mentioned earlier, I will be sharing information with different aspect of the web world. Once you come into web world, you must have knowledge about few basic things to get started. I will be covering few such topics like Freelancing, Hosting, WordPress & Plugins, SEO & SMM, templates & themes, etc.

In addition, I also thought of sharing Success Stories of popular and new entrepreneurial faces to inspire ourselves. To share, how they got success with their skills, decisions, surviving strategy and lots of efforts.


That’s pretty much about Me and My Blog..!!!

Thanks for your valuable time..!!

Can’t wait to get started..?  Me too..!!!  Here we go.