Thursday , February 22 2018

Mahesh Yadav



What is a blog? Blogging Basics

What is a blog

In the beginning, user uses website to write their experiences. It appears to be in reverse chronological order. Means, latest news appears on the top where as oldest at the bottom. Such specific website or journal used to be know as Web Log. Now a days, it is know as Blog. Before …

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How to start a wordpress blog in 2018

How to Start a blog in wordpress

Blogging is one of the trending concept now a days. Lots of user have various reasons to start blogging. Some want to share their knowledge, some want to share their travelling experience whereas some want to share current news. Some of the reader who do not know about blogging, they must read What …

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20 Best WordPress News, Magazine, Blogging Themes – 2018

Wordress Blogging, News Themes

All the themes mentioned in this article are premium WordPress themes. There are thousands of free themes but premium themes comes with lots of customization and pre-added paid plugins like Visual Composer, WPML – multilingual, Revolution Slider, etc. In this article, we have mentioned best blogging WordPress themes. Important thing is that, these are specifically …

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How to add Christmas Decoration on your WordPress site..?

Merry Christmas

Hello Friends, Today’s article is not educational or technical or much of knowledge sharing. Today, I am gonna share you information about a plugin which helps us to do Christmas decoration on your WordPress website. Many of you guys must have thought about putting Christmas Tree on his site OR Decorate his site …

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19 Best Ways to Secure Your WordPress Site

How to secure your wordpress website

Securing WordPress site is not a simple task to do. As of today, WordPress faces thousands of failed attempts to access the site. In past year, I had more clients for “securing WordPress site” than “developing” them. Attack ratio has increased more than ever. So, There are plenty of best ways to secure your wordpress …

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How to block – unblock someone on gmail?

How to Block Unblock Someone on Gmail

If you are gmail user, you must have get irritated by mail from unwanted sender. You might be wondering, how to block – unblock someone on gmail..? And why not. Everyday, we get lot of junk mails from number of senders. And we must take appropriate actions. Actually..!!! Its very simple.   Steps …

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Sell digital products and services online on Envato

Envato – Top digital assets and services

Envato operates a group of digital marketplaces that sell digital products online for web designers, including themes, graphics, video, audio, photography and 3D models. Its the world’s biggest marketplace and community for creative people. It is very useful for web developers. Company is based in Melbourne, Australia started in 2006. Now its …

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