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How to block email id in gmail?

If you are a Gmail user, you must have to get irritated by mail from the unwanted sender. You might be wondering, how to block email id in Gmail OR how to block sender email id in Gmail OR Gmail block sender..? And why not. Every day, we get a lot of junk mails from the number of senders. And we must take appropriate actions.

Actually..!!! Its very simple.

Steps:- How to block email id in Gmail

There are 2-3 ways to block and unblock the sender on Gmail. Each way has an advantage and disadvantage in its own way. We will see them as we follow the process.

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Method 1 – Using the “block sender” option

Block Sender

1. Open mail from the sender you want to block

Open Mail


2. Click on Down arrow in the right-hand corner of the mail

Click Down Arrow


3. Click on Block “Sender’s Name”

Block Sender on Gmail


4. Click on Block for confirmation

Block Confirmation


Unblock Sender

5. Open mail from the sender you want to Unblock

Open Mail


6. Click on Down arrow in the right-hand corner of the mail

Click Down Arrow


7. Click on Unblock “Sender’s Name”

Unblock Sender


8. Click on Unblock for confirmation

Unblock Sender Confirmation


Method 2 – Using filtering Option

Block Sender

1. Click on down arrow beside search bar at the top in Gmail

Click Down Arrow At Top


2. Type the address of the sender you want to block in FROM field

Type the address of sender


3. Click “Create filter with this search” at the right-hand bottom of the dropdown

Block Sender Through Filter


4. Select “Delete it” option and click on “Create filter”

Create Filter to Block Sender



Unblock Sender

5. Click on the gear icon on the right side and then “Settings”

Click on gear icon & Settings


6. Click on Filter and Blocked Addresses

Click on Filter and Blocked Address


7. Click on “unblock” beside email address you want to unblock

Unblock Sender By Filtering


Method 3 – Using Chrome Extension (Block Sender)

1. Install Block Sender

Block Sender Addon


2. Open mail from the sender you want to block and click “block”

Addon Block


3. Click on “Unblock Sender” to unblock the sender

Click Unblock

I will personally recommend not to use the “Block Sender” extension at all. It allows only 5 blocks. Once you use 5 blocks (email address), it asks you for a paid version. And it’s not worth at all as the same service is freely available from google. Please check the below image.

Block Sender Extension Page




You can opt for any of the first two methods. Both are good and easy to process. Although, If you ask me, I will suggest filtering one. It directly sends junk emails to the trash and its time-saving factor in today’s world where everyone is counting on seconds.

I hope you understand and followed all the steps easily. If you stuck at any point, let me know your queries so I can solve them.

If you have any other techniques, please share them through comments. It will be helpful to our readers and me as well.

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