Thursday , November 26 2020

Tips & Tricks

How to use two Skype Accounts at the same time

Many times, you need to use two different skype account at the same time because of some reason. As per standard workflow, you can log in into one account at a time through desktop software. Then, How to use two Skype Accounts at the same time..? Its very simple actually. Just follow the below steps …

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How to add Christmas Decoration on your WordPress site..?

Hello Friends, Today’s article is not educational or technical or much of knowledge sharing. Today, I am gonna share you information about a plugin which helps us to do Christmas decoration on your WordPress website. Many of you guys must have thought about putting Christmas Tree on his site OR Decorate his site …

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How to block email id in gmail?

If you are a Gmail user, you must have to get irritated by mail from the unwanted sender. You might be wondering, how to block email id in Gmail OR how to block sender email id in Gmail OR Gmail block sender..? And why not. Every day, we get a …

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7 Best Website Copier or Website Downloader

Many times, it happens that, the client likes some existing site and he asks his developer to make a replica of that site OR he wants almost the same. Developer notes down the exact requirement and gets started with programming. Often, they opt for one of two ways. Start the …

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Access your Email in Gmail OR Connect webmail with gmail

Many users get irritated by accessing business emails through Webmail. They ask like “Why to use such worst mailing interface..? Is not there any better system..?”. But how much can you expect with basic applications. Webmail is kind of free service comes with hosting. Business mails need to be accessed through webmail …

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