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CMS or Frameworks (Custom Development)..? Which is better..?

Before you read this article, I must tell you, you might get confused but its very very useful for anyone in long run. Both, CMS or Frameworks (Custom Development) are useful in their own ways.

I just shared there pros and cons in different aspects which you should consider before you go ahead. These all aspects are from general point of view. They might change their values based on application and its gravity. So, consider it as general as possible.


CMS or Frameworks (Custom Development) aspects

  1. Speed / Performance
  2. Project Budget
  3. Manage website content
  4. Time Duration
  5. AMC Budget
  6. From Future point of view


1. Speed / Performance

How do you want your website to be..? Fast or Super Fast..?

FAST – If you opt for CMS, it will little bit slow as compare to Frameworks or custom coding. But, it will reduce your cost like more than 50–70%. They have common code ready for everyone. Just use any Pro theme, template, plugins and you are ready to go.

SUPER FAST – If you want your site to be fast, you must use frameworks like Laravel, Codeigniter, Yii, etc instead of CMS.

But remember, if you go for frameworks, it will cost you too much because, it will be complete custom coding. Each and every functionality need to be done manually.


2. Project Budget

How much is your budget..? High or Low..?

HIGH – If you have good budget, then you can go for custom coding with frameworks or any other latest technology.

One major benefit of using custom coding is you can add as many new functionalities as you want. If your software architecture is good and database is normalized, your application can accept any number of additional functionalities without affecting performance of application.

Best examples of custom development – Flipkart, Amazon, Paytm, BookMyShow, etc

LOW – If you are starting new business and do not want huge initial investment, you can opt for CMS. As I mentioned above, CMS uses professional themes, plugins. They wont cost much.


3. Manage website content

Do you want to manage website content by yourself..? Yes or No..?

YES – If you want to make changes like product upload, or want to manage the content like contact/about page, etc; you can go for CMS. CMS is all about editing application easily by any non-tech user. And that’s one of the biggest plus point of CMS. You can hire pro developer for technical issues only. It cu down your cost.

NO – If you dont have time to make changes by yourself or you want to focus on further development, you must go for custom development.


4. Time Duration

How much time do you have for your project..? Less or More..?

LESS If you have less time, you must go for CMS. It take no time to install and go live. You wont believe but you can go live within a single day with ready structure(with sample data only). You need time for actual data upload.

MORE – If you have adequate time, you can go for custom development. It take months to get the site ready to be live with sample data and basic functionality.


5. AMC Budget (Annual Maintenance Cost)

How much is your AMC budget..?

Custom applications requires more budget than CMS. CMS can be managed with small team of developers. But to maintain custom sites, you need medium to large team.

More team members, more expenses.


6. From future point of view

How long are you thinking about your project life..? Short Term or Long Term..?

SHORT TERM – If you are starting new business, want low investment and planning to make it even better application once your site is big hit or once you have more money to invest, you can opt for CMS.

LONG TERM – If you want to update your project continuously, you want to add new new features, you can easily do it with custom development. DB structure used for custom development is very versatile and normalized. It allows you to add multiple modules anytime.



From above all points, we can conclude that, both CMS or Frameworks (Custom Development) are useful. Its just depend on project, budget, timeline, performance. Depending on your requirement, you can choose your platform.

Neither CMS is less powerful nor frameworks. Both have their power in different area. CMS is quick & easy to install, less  expensive, custom manageable by non-tech user.

Whereas custom development is much faster, secured, flexible, futuristic compare to CMS.

You must decide which to opt for.

If you think, I have missed any point, please share it through comment. It will be helpful to our readers and me as well.

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