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Access your Email in Gmail OR Connect webmail with gmail

Many users get irritated by accessing business emails through Webmail. They ask like “Why to use such worst mailing interface..? Is not there any better system..?”. But how much can you expect with basic applications. Webmail is kind of free service comes with hosting. Business mails need to be accessed through webmail unless owner use any other service.

One perfect solution is available for such situation. You can use professional service provider like Gmail, Zoho to access business email address with company name. Gmail cost you around $29/User/Year. It is expensive and so it is not recommended.

So, we have midway to overcome the problem without any expenses. All you need to do is connect your Webmail to gmail. You can refer it as diverting your emails from your business account to your personal gmail account. Here is how can you do it..


Connect Webmail with gmail

Step 1 –

Login to you personal gmail account where you want to receive emails coming from your business account. Click on gear icon on right side. You will see list of options. Click on “Settings”.

Goto Setting – Connect Webmail to Gmail


Step 2 –

On “settings” page, click on “Accounts and Import” tab. You will see “Add a mail account” link on right side. Click on it. You can see it in red box below.

Accounts and Import – Connect Webmail to Gmail


Step 3 –

Here, you need to enter business email id which you want to connect to personal gmail account. All the mail which are coming on this business mail id will be received on your personal gmail id.

Add Mail Account 1 – Connect Webmail to Gmail

Click next, you will come to following page. Select “Import emails from my other account (POP3)” and click next.

Add Mail Account 2 – Connect Webmail to Gmail


Step 4 –

Enter username and password of business account which you are currently using on webmail. There are four other options which you can select as per your requirement. I will suggest to select the first option. It will keep the incoming mail copy on webmail as well as on gmail.

Add Mail Account 3 – Connect Webmail to Gmail

Remember, if you enter wrong credentials for “username”, “password” and “POP server”, then it will give you an error. And, it will not proceed. Do not do anything with “Port” option. Once entered all the details, click “Add Account”.


Step 5 –

Success page with message, “Your mail account has been added” will come. Gmail also provide one more functionality which you might be interested in. It allow you to send mail as you are sending mail from business id. You just need to follow 3-4 more steps.

Add Mail Account 4 – Connect Webmail to Gmail

If you are not interested, select “No” and you are good to receive business mails(from on your personal gmail account. If you want to send mail as, select “Yes” and click next.


Step 6 –

You can enter whatever name you want. It will appear when you will be sending mail. Keep “Treat as an alias” option selected. Click Next.

Cancel – Connect Webmail to Gmail


Step 7 –

Use same credentials used in 4th step here. SMTP server will be your domain name (in our example, its Don’t need to add www. Do not do anything with port. It will take automatically. Select “Secured connection using TLS” and click “Add Account”.

Add SMTP Server – Connect Webmail to Gmail


Step 8 –

Its the final step. You need to verify confirmation code. You will receive a mail on your business id as well as on gmail id as both are connected now.

Verification – Connect Webmail to Gmail

You either need to enter the code or need to click on link sent in that mail.

Confirmation – Connect Webmail to Gmail

Here you go..!!! You are connected now..!!! You can access all the mails of business account on your personal account. Bigggg thanks to Gooooooooogle..!!!


Conclusion –

It is best to use this service as it is free and you get to use gmail interface. Webmail user interface is quite difficult and not friendly. User get annoyed while searching for functionalities he need for daily mailing.

In eight steps, you are good to go. Plus, you can send email as business id from gmail only. No need to login into business account on webmail. More importantly, almost everyone uses gmail. So they do not need to search for any functionality separately and waste their time.

What are you waiting for..!!! Connect webmail to gmail right now. It will need just 10 min max..!!!

If, I missed any point to mention, please share it through comment. It will be helpful to our readers and me as well.

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