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What is Freelancing..? How exactly freelancing work..? Freelancing Pros & Cons

Freelancing is very trending and highly popular concept now a days. Every individual make his/her own perception about this concept. Some user thinks, “Freelancing Means Lot of Money“; some thinks, “Freelancing Means Work Freedom“; some thinks, “Freelancing Means Easily Get Started to Earn“.

None of them is wrong. But you must know, it take time to reach at such fruitful phase. Its very important for you to survive in current competition. Hundreds of user’s bid on single project with different hourly rate and completion time. Newcomer always gets confused, how exactly freelancing sites work. All freelancing sites work according to there own vision.

In this article, I am going to explain working of freelancing but not working of individual freelancing sites.

Working of freelancing

Let me tell you terminologies first. So, you can better understand the freelancing work flow. Freelancing process is basically done between three crucial entities.

  1. Employer / Project Owner – One who post a project
  2. Employee / Freelancer – One who work on the project
  3. Freelancing Sites – One who provide the facility to let you post projects, let you submit completed project files, and take care of money stuff between Employer & Employee.

Here starts the freelancing process. I have used images to explain you better. So, I used my Upwork account for image purpose.


Freelancing Process –

1. Registration –

First, both the users i.e Employer and Employee need to register there accounts on freelancing sites. Each account have there respective functionality. You need to understand one thing very clear here.

Account Registration – Freelancing Process

Even you register as employee, you can still post a job. And even you register as employer, you can still work on posted projects. You have one account but you can work in both ways. See the above image.


2. Post a Project-

Project posting is next step in this flow where employer play his role. He post project and mentions project cost on either hourly basis($10/hour) or with fix rate($500 for complete project) as per there convenience. He also need to specify project duration too. Employer provide all the details, files related to project and mention duration in which he want the project to be completed.

Post a Project – Freelancing Process

Also, Employer can search for freelancers profile as per project requirement. If he finds anyone’s profile interesting, he can personally invite those freelancers for his project directly.


3. Bid on Project –

This is employee section where he/she needs to make bid on project. There are hundreds of others who apply just like another freelancer on various projects. Employee need to mention his/her hourly rate and time duration in order to bid on project so that employer can take decision in awarding project.

Bid on Project – Freelancing Process

Employee need to mention details asked by employer. He must fulfill the preferred qualification asked by employer. He can submit the bid even if he is not able to fulfill the qualification. But, most of the time, employer neglect such bids as he has hundreds of others to go through.


4. Check the bids –

Its time for employer to check the submitted bids on his/her project. He checks for every bid he got. He communicate with those whose profiles match with his requirement. He checks for their skill set, reviews, work completion, etc. Depending on all the factors, he select few for discussion OR directly chat with one by one.

Check bids – Freelancing Process

In discussion, both parties discuss about project flow, exact work, costing, completion time, etc. Once both of them are agree, employer award the project to respective person.


5. Submit the work –

Once got selected, employee need to complete the work within decided time frame. If he come across any queries, he can always contact employer. If he want extension, he can simply ask for it to employer.

Submit Work – Freelancing Process

If employer agree, he extend the project but if he is not okay with it, he wont extend. Anyhow. Submit the project files. And you can ask for money.


6. Check the Work and release the money –

This is the second last step in the process. Employer check the submitted work. If it is completed as asked and in decided duration, employer release the money.

Work Review & Release Money – Freelancing Process

If it is not completed as asked, he ask employee to solve the issues and send the revised copy. Once he got the revised copy, he again checks for work. Once he sure that work is completed successfully, he release the money.


7. Rating & Reviews –

Once employer releases the money, he also write review about the employee, his work, team and all. He has to give rating so that he can tell how much he liked the employee, his work, communication, timely availability, etc.

Provide Reviews – Freelancing Process

Same process done by employee. He provides review to employer about his help, support, extension, money release, etc.


Freelancing Pros & Cons –

Pro –

– You are your own boss. No one is there to tell you what to do and how to do
– Work as per your own schedule. No need to work in particular time
– You can work with multiple clients at the same time
– You can earn as much as you deliver
– Work from anywhere
– Learn lot of things like employer handling, multiple project handling, time & staff management, etc
– Can spend quality time with family, relatives, friends
– Can manage time for your hobbies

Cons –

– No fix income
– No job security
– Need to give discounts as competition is too high
– Not charging for what your service is worth
– On some sites, employer can take legal action against employee


Conclusion –

This is how a common freelancing process works. There are lots of sites available in market. Few are specialized in one field like design, development, content writing, etc. And few have all these fields in common. They work as per there convenience.

There are some benefits and some problems with freelancing as you can see above. But many of the users are ready to accept all these cons and do freelancing as they want to work for themselves rather than company or anyone else.

If you think, I have missed any point to mention, please share it through comment. It will be helpful to our readers and me as well.

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