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How to Create Duplicate Menu in WordPress

We all have idea about inbuilt MENU system in WordPress. We can even create multi-layer menu with this system very easily. It is so much powerful. You can create menu structure with PAGE url or POST url or CUSTOM links or anything you want.

Even though, the “MENUS” option is this much strong in WP, it can not duplicate another menu. When user is in need to create similar menu with few small changes OR he want to create exactly similar menu, he have to start from scratch.

If menu list is of 10-15 links, you feel no efforts to make its copy manually. But imagine, if you have menu structure of minimum 25 links and you have to make changes only in 3-4 menu links, what will you do..? OR you want to make its replica, what will you do..?

You want to Search for plugin with such functionality..? Well, Here it is – Duplicate Menu


How to Create Duplicate Menu in WordPress

Intsall Plugin

First, install and activate “Duplicate Menu” plugin in your site. If you don’t know how to install and activate plugin in wordpress, please read our article on it.

duplicate menu plugin


Duplicate Menu

Once install plugin, go to Appearance -> Duplicate Menu. You will come to plugin page. It will have two columns as you can see in below image.


First column have list of menus which you need to make copy of. Second column is for name of the Duplicate Menu you want to create. Click on “Duplicate Menu” button.


Verify, Menu created or not

You will able to see “View” option on the same page once the menu is duplicated. Click on that “View” link. It will take you to newly duplicated menu.


As you can see above in blue rectangle, it has created “Main Menu” as duplicate menu.

You can create number of copies of any menu you want with this plugin. It saves lot of time when you are in hurry. More important, it saves you extra efforts and valuable time.


Do not do this

Please do not follow these steps to duplicate the menu. Many user try this way but it do not work.

1. If you first create empty menu and then try to duplicate in it, it will not work.
2. If you try to duplicate menu into existing menu, it will not work.

You will have to give name to duplicate menu at the time of creating duplicate menu only.


This is all about how to create duplicate menu in wordpress.

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