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9 Best ways to earn money online without any investment

There are number of websites which provides lots of ways to earn money online. Many of them are fraud and many of them are useful. We can not tell which one is fraud and which one is real until we get paid for the task we have done. To get started, all you need is internet connection and a laptop/PC.

Making online money is not an simple task to do. Lot of people think it as “EASY WAY TO EARN”. Some people think it as “GET RICH QUICK” way. But trust me. Its not. It needs lot of patience, hard+smart work, dedication, loyalty.

Today, I am going to tell you few such ways where you can make money online. These are very authentic and trustful. And used by millions of people. The only difference you will observe is: working process, money, completion time.


Way to make money online

1. Freelancing

Freelancing is currently trending option to earn money online. More importantly, Its genuine. You get to work with small-medium-big companies depending on your skill set.

You can get to work as Web Designer, Graphic Designer, Web Developer, Content Writer, Data Entry Operator, Data Scrapper, Programmer, SEO, etc. So, there are lot of options to get along with.


Freelancing need lot of patience. You might take months to get your initial few jobs. But once you get few jobs on your dashboard, no one can stop you. Here are some best freelancing sites.

a. Upwork

Upwork is merger of two freelancing giants i.e Odesk & Elance. It is now even a bigger platform. It provides jobs in various fields like Design, Data Entry, SEO, Data Scrapping, etc. The important thing about upwork is, anybody can get started with ease.

It provides jobs in every aspect like “per hour OR per project Payment”, “Entry-Intermediate-Expert level jobs”, “Shot-Long term project”. You can make $3/hr to $100/hr depending on your skill set. Or you can charge fixed amount like $50 to $3000+ for entire work depending on project.

b. Freelancer

Freelancer is also one of the big platform. It also have various fields just like upwork. But, it creates a big difference when it comes to one service i.e “Contests“. It is very unique service provided by freelancer. If you are really good at your skills, then you can earn $10 to $1000+ per design.

c. Fiverr

Site works on gigs. Gigs are noting but mentioned services which you provide to your client. These gigs(services) starts from $5. You can modify them as per your requirement. You can create different packages like Basic, Standard, Premium. So that customer can choose the one as per his need & budget. One noticeable thing is, you can charge extra $5, $10, $20, etc  for express delivery of service.

d. 99design

If you are really good at designing & creativity, go for this site. It work just like freelancer. User submit multiple entries in contest. Contest Holder choose winning entry. Once winner is declared and files are transfers, freelancer get paid.  If the project is big, work will go on. And you will keep making money.

e. Contentmart

Contentmart is a marketplace for quality content writing. It is not as famous as other top freelancing sites. But, I wanted to mention it because, there are lots of readers who are interested in content writing. And sometimes, they don’t get to know such sites. You can make $3/500 words to $35/500 words depending on your content quality.



Blogging mean providing useful information or sharing your experience on regular basis. People starts interacting with you after reading your blog as the information you provided is useful for them and they might have questions regarding particular topic.

Blogging – make money online

Blogging need lot of patience, consistency and dedication. It take a year or two to build a blog with pretty decent traffic. Once your blog getting respectable page views, you start earning good money from it. Lets check blogging ways to earn money.

a. Affiliate

Its one of the most popular way to earn money. You need to display a banner or link on your page. If someone clicks on it and make purchase, you get percentage or fixed amount. But, If he dont buy any service or product, you wont get any money. In simple words, if they get money, you get money.

Many people will suggest you to use platforms likes: CJ Affiliate or ClickBank. But I will recommend to use affiliate link provided by company itself. Today, major companies are providing affiliate program so that user can directly take its advantage. You can earn $5 to $100+ per affiliate depending on products.

b. Advertisement

Its also one the most old but popular way to earn good cash. You can display ad in two way. Either, you use third party services like “Google AdSense or” OR  you can sell ad space directly to them who want to display there ads on your site. Second option can make you lot of money but your blog must be a very big hit to attract such customer.

c. Products

You can start selling your own products like templates, themes, e-book, Stock photos, etc. But you must take care of three thing to maintain trust of your readers. One – Your product must be worth purchasing. Second – Your product must not create any disturbance for your readers. Third – Provide good service after sale.

d. Paid Membership

You can create your own video tutorials on web programming like PHP, WordPress, Bootstrap, Magento etc. Or you can create videos based on your blog topics with actual demo . Create membership. So, only members can access such content. More members, more money.

e. Sponsored Posts

These are the posts about particular company product or service. These companies, pays you to put this post on your blog. Indirectly, you are selling ad space to those company. You get these ads from third party websites. The only difference is, ad rate is decided by third party sites. And you share commission with them.


3. Create Channel On YouTube(YT)

If you love creating & editing videos, you are looking at right option. Yes..!!!  Millions of users are on YT. You need to create channel and generate lots of subscriber. Once your videos start getting good reviews, you can earn good money. More subscriber means more views. And more views means more money. But its not easy to get thousands of subscriber in few months or a year.

Your video content must be great and unique. If the content is good, you will get lots of subscribe for your channel. And don’t try to upload copyrighted content. Copyright owner can claim on you very strongly. And even if you upload such content anyhow, all the money goes to copyright owner. So, its not worth anyhow.


4. Sell HD Photos

Shocked..!!! Some of might and some of you might not. But I was shocked for sure when I first heard of selling images online. But its true. You can sell images.

There are lots of stock photo sites which are meant to sell images online. You just need to upload HD images on such sites. And these sites will pay you fixed commission per download. As many times your image download, you will get that much commission. It vary with each site as per their policies.

There are number of sites out of which most popular are – ShutterStockiStockPhoto, PhotoBucket123rf, DreamsTimeAdobeStock, ImagesBazaar, etc.


5. Teach Foreign Language OR Teach Online

If you have expertise in your native language, you can earn lot of money by giving professional lessons to needy person. There are lots of internet users who want to learn new languages or who want to learn so that when they travel the world, they can speak native language. There are few sites who pay you for teaching – italki, Verbling, VerbalPlanet

Above are language learning sites. There is one site which teaches 300+ subjects with 80,000+ instructors. You can decent money while teaching here – wyzant


6. Develop Educational Courses On Udemy

Its just like YouTube video tutorials. You need to create a good quality content video. And share it on udemy. The only difference is here you are using already famous platform to reach to core niche people with less competition as compared to YouTube. And you can get some good cash.

On the other hand, if your channel gets 100,000+ subscribers. You can earn more on YT than udemy. So both the platform have individual pros and cons.


7. Sell digital services on Envato

Envato is digital marketplace for web industry. It sell creative assets. You can sell photos, audios, videos, 3d models, graphics, scripts & plugins, etc. You might think “why purchase”. Its just because of copyright issue. Every website needs royalty free images, videos, icons, etc. This platform helps you to get such stuff.

At the time of writing this article, Envato community earning is $528,392,528. Leave all items. Even if you manage to sell 5,000 WordPress themes on themeforest, you earn in between $135,000 to $225,000. And its a lot of money. If one have a skill, its a huge market to earn.

Envato have following marketplace like Themeforest – for themes & templates, CodeCanyon – for Scripts & Plugins, VideoHive – Videos, AudioJungle – Audios, GraphicRiver – Graphic(Fonts, Icons), PhotoDune – Images, 3docean – 3D assets.


8. Just Answer & Earn

That’s Right..!!! You just answer the questions and get paid. At the time of writing this article, this website solved 16,216,105 questions with the help of almost 12,000 verified experts. They guarantee 100% satisfactory professional answer.

You can ask question regarding various fields to respective expert like lawyers, mechanics, doctors & nurses, vets, electricians & plumbers, computer & electronic expert, wedding planner, teacher, foreign language tutor, etc. What is the easy way to earn by answering questions from your expertise. You can earn a lot.


9. Test Website or App

You heard right again..!!! You will get paid just to test website or app. Various companies want to test their site or app from user point of view. So that, they can make necessary corrections.

In order to be a pro tester, you need to be verified by site. Once you get verified, you can test website and express your opinion. If company find your suggestions useful, they implement it in their app or site. And You get paid approx $8 to $12 for every feedback accepted. You get review from there team. Better your review, more your earning. Few of such sites – TestingTime, Userfeel, UserTest, TryMyUI

TestingTime pay upto $59 per study depending upon time.




So, these are the various ways to earn money online without investing a single penny. You just need a laptop and internet connection as I mentioned at the start of article. If you have some money to invest, there are few other ways to make money online with small investment.

You can opt any of the above mentioned way. But, you must have patience, dedication and consistency in order to start earning some good cash. You might take few months, a year or 3-5 years too. Depends on your hard+smart work and growth.

Note – There are many other ways like GPTC(Get Paid To Click), Captcha Solver, Make Money from Survey. If you ask me personally, I will not recommend any of these option. Because their pay is not worth the time we invest. So, ignore these options and save your time. But, If you cant work with any of the above option and dont have any other choice, then you can go for these options.

If, I missed any point to mention, please share it through comment. It will be helpful to our readers and me as well.

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