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How to start a wordpress blog in 2018

Blogging is one of the trending concept now a days. Lots of user have various reasons to start blogging. Some want to share their knowledge, some want to share their travelling experience whereas some want to share current news.

Some of the reader who do not know about blogging, they must read What is Blog..?

So, Shall we start..? Yessss…??

Okay. Great..!!!


How to start a WordPress Blog

1. Decide your niche

Blogging is really long term concept to work on. Before you start with actual blogging, you must ask following questions to yourself.

  • What is my blogging all about..?
  • Which area I wanna explore..? Entertainment, Technology, Programming, Travelling, etc
  • Do I have expertise or enough knowledge to answer others question..?
  • Most importantly, Can I make money from my blog..? ()


2. Choose Domain name and Hosting

A. Domain name

Once you got the answers to above questions, you can now choose your domain name easily. Your niche area help you to decide your domain name. Wonder how..? Let me explain.

Thrillophilia – Travelling site

wpbeginner – WordPress Beginner

W3Schools – Web World School

Naukari – Job Portal

If you observe keenly, domain name give’s you idea about site’s niche market. Users can remember it easily based on your market. Check another simple example –

Themeforest – Suggest that site might be something about themes or templates

Jqueryrain – Suggest that site might be about jquery

Try to keep the domain name simple to pronounce and short to remember.


B. Web Hosting

Web Hosting is the space where all the files related to your site are kept. Its kind of central location from where anyone can access your site with your domain name.

There are two types of hosting. I will put it in very simple words so you can understand.

i. Free Hosting

ii. Paid Hosting


i. Free Hosting – 

It means create blog with some other free hosting. You will have to use their domain name. You can not have your own domain name.

It not only look bad but it also have negative points.

  • You are making that domain popular and stronger
  • Cant have your own domain creditability, authenticity, trust, etc.
  • Can not take enough decisions as domain is not yours.

If you already have hosting, then you can purchase domain name directly. But if you are going to buy new hosting, then dont purchase domain name yet. I’ll tell you when to purchase.


ii. Paid Hosting

It is exactly opposite of free hosting. If you have paid hosting, You can have your own domain name like mine or any other blogger. You will have authenticity, trust. And you can take whatever decisions you want with your site.

There are lot of paid hosting out of which I use Hostgator. Its currently on of the best hosting in the market. Plus its start with affordable rates. Have a look at following image.

Hostgator Shared Hosting Plans

If you are not developer or company, then I will recommend you to go for single domain hosting which starts at $3.95/month minimum. But if you want to host more than one domain, you can go for unlimited domain at $5.95/month.

You need to click on singup. It will take you to following screen where you can enter your domain name. ITs absolutely FREE with hosting.

Free Domain With Hosting

Continue purchasing the hosting. Once all the procedure is completed, you will get all the login and other details on your registered mail id.


3. Install WordPress

Use the credentials you got in your mail to login to c-panel. Once you are logged in, scroll down to “Softaculous Apps Installer”. It will look like this

WordPress Installation

Click on WordPress. Then click on Install Now button to start installation process. You will get following screen


WP Installation Process

Don’t put “admin” as your Admin Username.  Read 19 Best Ways to Secure Your WordPress Site. Don’t forget to put an email id in “Email installation details to” section at the bottom of the same page before proceed further. It will send all the details on mentioned mail as safety.

Choose domain and enter other detail according to your domain name.

You can come to following screen. Click on Administrative URL to login to your admin panel.

Installation Complete


4. Select & Upload Theme

Now, you are in admin panel. WordPress default themes are not at all good looking. You must go for professional theme on Themeforest. You can check out the 20 Best WordPress News, Magazine, Blogging Themes – 2018. Select any one of these or any other as per pour choice.

Goto Appearance -> Themes

You will see “Add New” option on the top of the screen. Click on it and you will come here

Upload Pro Theme

You must be seeing lots of other option like tools, setting, media, pages, etc. You can read WordPress and its basic terminologies to have much more clear idea about those options.

Here, if you can see, you have two options as shown in image

A. Install Free Theme

B. Upload Professional theme from your PC

You can either go for free theme or you can upload brand new professional theme from your system. If you opt for option B, It will take some time to upload the theme on server from your local computer. Be patient.


5. Create a blog

As you have installed a themes now, its time to create your First blog.

Goto Posts -> Add New

You will see this screen

Start a Blog

Add Post name in the top textbox. Add details in below textarea. As you scroll down little bit, you will see “Set Featured Image” option. Upload one good image. And click on publish.

That’s it..!!!  You have created your first blog successfully.

WordPress is super dynamic and need lots of different working. It must perform have common functions like securing your site from hacker, avoiding spamming, contact forms, SEO, analytics. These functionality got covered in various plugins.

AS of now, WordPress have 53,739 plugins. As it your start, you should know 15 must have plugins for wordpress.

You can also read how to make money from blogging.


And if you liked the post, please share it with your friends and colleagues. Thanks..!!!


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