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How to Stop WhatsApp Without Switching Off Internet

How to Stop WhatsApp Without Switching Off Internet
Today, I would like to share a simple yet important trick with you guys. I saw lot of people got frustrated as they do not know how to stop whatsapp without switching off internet. Many whatsapp users do not want to receive messages while net is ON.

I am sure, daily internet users know its importance very well.

Some user want to access mails, some want facebook, some want to play games, some want information from google. Often, these users do not want to receive whatsapp messages while internet is ON, as kind of privacy or peace.

So, Here is one simple trick.

Lots of people don’t know about it. They must be aware of the trick if needed.


How to Stop WhatsApp Without Switching Off Internet

1. Open Settings

Settings Gear Icon          Click on Apps

As you can see in first image, there is gear icon in the right uppermost corner. Click on that gear icon. You will come to setting section.

There are lot of option in this section. We need to choose Apps in order to change particular app setting.


2. Choose WhatsApp

Go to Application List          Go to WhatsApp

After clicking on Apps, you will come to App section as you can see in second image OR you might come to section like first image. It can vary according to your mobile UI.

If you come to first screen, select Application List. You will see application list as in second image. select whatsApp.

If you directly come to app’s section as in second image, select whatsApp.


3. Click Data Usage

Click Data Usage          Disabled data usage

Once you click WhatsApp, it will come up with option like Permissions, Storage, Data Usage, etc. These options change setting for WhatsApp only.

Select Data Usage and you will be come to second page. Here, you can see option

Disabled Wi-Fi
Disabled DataUsage


4. Enable options & Test

Enabled data usage          Testing

Enable both the option Disable Wi-Fi and DataUsage.

Now, try to receive or send the message while internet is ON. You can check second image.

Internet is on.
Current time in that image is 10:11 AM
Last message was sent out at 10:10 AM

Means, Messages are not sent. Now, whatsapp will not work until you turn off the Disable Wi-Fi and DataUsage option as it was in image 3(b).

Test the trick on your mobile and let me know if it works for you or not.

Share this article with your friends and colleagues to save them from girl-friend’s or boss’s whatsapp torture 


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