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How to make money from blogging in 2018

How to Make Money Blogging

I must have written this article by December End only. Though its not too late but you could have started early. You must know the gravity of early start. If you want to be a blogger and make money out of it, you must not waste a single day.

Make money from blogging is not an easy way as you might feel. It need patience, dedication, timely reply, study, social media presence, interactive communication through comments and much more. But, once your blog is a big hit, you can make passive income just like other blogging platform who earn well.

If you are new to blogging concept and don’t know anything about it, you can start with following basic articles.

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How to make money from blogging in 2018

There are number of ways to earn through blogging. I was confused how to explain that many ways to my readers. But this image helped me to explain them beautifully. There are lots of ways in this image but I will explain those which I know myself.

How to Make Money Blogging 2018

Source :- Problogger


1. Advertisement

One of the highly trending way to earn money through blogging. Many bloggers get inspired for blogging because of advertisement.

Working – Advertisers check your traffic quantity, quality and visitors niche. Based on report and there requirement, they make deal with you and give you an ads to display on your site for promotion of their product/services.

Types – You can see various types in above image.  Yessss.!!!  You can use that many ways. But, you must be very very very strong and popular blogger to use that many ways at a time.

All those types in image, are kind of sub-types. Here are basic types. These are just like affiliate types.

  • Direct Advertisement – When company gives direct ads to bloggers without any mediator like ad networks, its an Direct Advertisement. It can generate good money compare to Ad Network OR Google Adsense. But you need to be in search for such advertisers. Very less advertisers go for direct ads.
  • Ad Networks – Network of multiple Advertisers. They have large collection of different advertisers. You need to sign up. Each advertiser have their own requirement with traffic and niche. If your site match the requirement, Ad Network shows ad on your site. And you neither need to search for advertisers nor need to track anything. Ex –, RevenueHits, InfoLinks
  • Google Adsense – It is kind of network only. But works little bit differently. It does not need to match any requirement. Google Adsense go through your website content and display ad accordingly. It is much cheaper than Ad Network & Direct Ads.
  • Sponsored Post – Sponsored Post contains an article. It is not only ad(image) based. It is concept where, bloggers write specific article about particular product or services. Such article help sponsor to get thousands of unique visitors to know their products or services. Meanwhile, Sponsor pays the amount as agreed for that Sponsored Post. Here is an example of one Sponsored Ad on my site – SJCAM SJ8 4K 60fps Action Camera, Cloud Storage, Gyro Stabilization


2. Affiliate Marketing

Almost every blogger use this way as it is highly money spinning and does not need much of special efforts. You just need traffic to get going.

Working – Affiliate marketing means; You recommend some products to your readers based on your own experience & share links with them. When user click on these links, they redirect to particular website. If they purchase your suggested product/services or make any deposit on that site, you get commission.

Affiliate Marketing Process

Note – If user visit the site but do not purchase any product or make any deposit, you don’t get commission.

Types – Affiliate Marketing works through various types.

  • Direct Affiliate – Companies who provide direct affiliate links comes under this type. You need to register with there affiliate program. They assign you an affiliate id. Now, you can use this id with any of their product link. Ex – Inmotion Hosting, Hostgator, etc
  • Affiliate Network – It means affiliates of various companies at single place. There are lots of affiliate networks available in market like Commission JunctionClickbankRakuten, Shareasale etc.
  • E-commerce Sites – E-com giants like Flipkart, Amazon, E-bay gives you opportunity to earn through their affiliate system. They have huge product list with various commission. More product list, more commission.

You can read the complete concept of Affiliate Marketing here.


3. Services

You can earn good money by providing different services. Services are trending now a days and generates good money. Only thing is, you must be master in your field.

Working – Usually, bloggers never display services on his site. It is because, if he focus on services, he could loose control and traffic from blogging. Whereas visitor might get confuse that, either you are blogger or developer. And so, it can affect your blog.

But if you can manage blogging and services very well at a time, you can mention it on your site. Its completely bloggers call.

Types – There are various types of services


Freelancing, Coaching, Training, Consulting, Designing, Content Writing, Bug Fixes, Website Maintenance, etc


4. Products

Best long term way to earn is to have your own product. It will be difficult in start. But if you have good relation and trustfulness with your readers, you are good to go. Everyone want good quality and timely service. You must provide it.

Types – As we are in technological world, Products are divided into two basic categories.

  • Virtual – Virtual products are products which are not physical or intangible. Its ratio is increasing day by day because of advance technology. These products are in digital format. Ex. E-book, Software’s, Online Courses, Apps, Themes, Scripts, Images, etc
  • Physical – These products can be touched physically. You can carry them from one place to other. Ex. Books, Merchandise, Teaching Material, etc


Note – I mentioned this way as best long term way to earn. Its because; above ways other than product creates dependability. If affiliate company stops affiliation (Ex. Bluehost) OR advertisement company stops advertisement OR clients wont offer work, it creates insecurity somewhere in your mind.

If you go for products and you get positive feedback from readers, you can go miles. Most importantly, you wont need to rely on others.


5. Membership

If you have premium data, you can earn through membership. Its a kind of recurring income. Suppose, you have content which you want to share with paid users only, membership is the perfect solution.

Working – User need to register and become a paid member of your site. Once he is member, he can access the private content from his account. This membership can be 1, 3, 6, 12 months. User can choose the duration as per his requirement and comfort.


  • Private Communities – Like forums where you can have private discussion OR can get personal advice
  • Coaching – Membership for coaching content like videos/study material. (Ex – Lynda, Udemy)
  • Job Boards – Access to Job Boards (Ex – Workable)


6. Events

If you have million visitors/day traffic, you can host events on your blog. You can arrange summits, webinars, workshops, etc. If you move one step ahead towards advancement, you can host live events too.

You need to take care of only one thing, i.e, all these events must be useful to your readers, members. If, your hosted events are not co-related to readers, you might loose them adversely affecting quality of blog.

As far as blogging platform is concern, it is currently not in much of trend, but it will become soon. But, it is not easy as it seems. You need expertise, dedication and good team.


7. Other

Few other ways are also available which include sell blogs, get paid for reviews, donation, etc. Blog selling option used by many bloggers but other are rarely used.



As you saw, there are lots of ways to make money through blogging. All these ways works differently. One fact is common that all of them need huge traffic. You can earn through blogging then only, when you have lot of traffic on your site.

In order to maintain traffic, you need to maintain quality of content. If content is not useful to readers, it will affect traffic. And so, it will indirectly affect you earning.

Most blogger go for common ways i.e affiliate, advertisement, products and membership. These ways are used on large scale. Whereas remaining are used very rarely. You can choose any way according to your requirement.

If you have an other source to earn through blogging, you can mention it in our comment section. It will help our readers.

I hope you liked this article. Share it with your friends and colleagues.


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