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Sell digital products and services online on Envato

Envato operates a group of digital marketplaces that sell digital products online for web designers, including themes, graphics, video, audio, photography and 3D models. Its the world’s biggest marketplace and community for creative people. It is very useful for web developers.

Company is based in Melbourne, Australia started in 2006. Now its currently operating in 200+ countries. At the time of writing this article, they sold 41,705,853 items with $530,450,525 community earning.

If you look forward to sell any digital items like templates, themes, videos, graphics, photos, etc, its the perfect place to get started with. You will get huge traffic for your products. And you will also have largest community to solve your issues and help you go through other major processes while submitting items on Envato.

These all the various items are sold on various platforms. We are going to see every site one by one. Lets start with major popular and money spinning site.


Sell digital products online

1. ThemeForest 

You can get thousands of premium WordPress themes & website templates, including multipurpose and responsive Bootstrap templates, email templates & HTML templates on themeforest. You can both sell and buy themes, templates here. Its a current trend to purchase professional theme/template from themeforest to build a website.

Themeforest have their own standard for themes and templates. Until you implement their standards completely, you wont be able to submit your template or themes. And believe me. They are very strict when it comes to their standards. And that is why, themeforest have quality themes and templates.

You can earn money from themeforest in various ways. You just need patience and creative quality work. Consequently, you can earn thousands of dollars.


2. CodeCanyon

CodeCanyon provide you various scripts and plugins which is very useful for any newbie developer or startup company to go on with development. Many times, developer need some scripts on urgent basis OR some scripts on which they cant waste their time and efforts. They can always check for such scripts on CodeCanyon.

Ex.: Script of countdown, calenders, ratings & charts, shopping carts, sliders, forms, layouts, graphs for CSS, PHP, HTML, Magento, WordPress, JavaScript, etc. You can get any of such code here. They have 23,350 such wonderful scripts at the time of writing this article.

So, write various scripts and start selling quickly. Who knows, you script might be useful for thousands of user out there.


3. GraphicRiver

Its a collection of graphic asset like fonts, logos, icons, slides, Business Card Templates, web elements, magazine, packaging, CD-DVD art, facebook cover photos, etc. There are 601,970 items listed in GraphicRiver. These are like ready to use files. You just need to change data.

Therefore, start uploading your awesome graphic creation and make money out of it.


4. VideoHive

Many time, company needs to explain their product, services to end user or visitor. And people do not have time to keep reading the text data about the company. So the best solution for this to represent those services and product information through footage.

VideoHive is exactly the place where you can get such footage representing data in different different ways. It currently have 500,305 such footage. It also consist of various effects. Make some great video content and start selling.


5. AudioJungle

Name itself suggest that this site is all about audio. Yes..!!! If you want royalty free music and audio tracks, you can go for AudioJungle. You can use this music as background music, in video, etc. Its kind of community of musicians and sound engineers.

They have created 584,801 tracks and sounds. You can make your own video with the help of these tracks with some background images according to music. Again I’ll say, create some good audio and start selling right away.


6. 3dOcean

3dOcean is all about 3D print models and CG textures. Currently have 47,366 items. If you are really creative, you can take advantage of this site.


7. PhotoDune

Its collection of royalty free stock images. Lots of websites uses royalty free images because of digital copyright violations. To be frankly speaking, there are other huge sites available in market for royalty free stock images. Photodune is used by very less people.

Even if you upload your images here, you wont get as much traffic as other sites. Hence I would recommend other royalty free stock image sites to upload your images.



Note – All the figures in bold character are retrieved at the time of writing this article. It will vary.

Approx 50 – 75% of the money generates from themeforest & codecanyon. Mostly from themeforest. Even the theme which I am currently using for my blogging is the best selling blogging theme on themeforest.

If you think, I have missed any point to mention, please share it through comment. It will be helpful to our readers and me as well.

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