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What is a blog? Blogging Basics

In the beginning, user uses website to write their experiences. It appears to be in reverse chronological order. Means, latest news appears on the top where as oldest at the bottom. Such specific website or journal used to be know as Web Log. Now a days, it is know as Blog.

Before we go ahead, have a look at some basic terminologies which I will be using in this article.

Blogger – Blogger is the one who write blogs.

Blogging – The overall process of writing blogs, give reply to comments,

Blog – Single Article or Post

Blogs – Collection of Articles or Posts

Comments – Comments given on any article or post


Blogging Basics

Choose your blogging niche 

Blogging can be done on various specific topics like Travelling, Food, Technology, Politics, Motherhood, Sports, etc. One can mix all the topics. It depends on every blogger, which topics he choose for blogging.

You must choose such topic, in which you are really good. Readers expect answers from you and you must satisfy their queries up to some extent.


Blogging Basics

Be Consistent

Although, you must understand one thing very clearly. Blogging is not an easy task to do. It must keep updated all the time. If you fail to update for longer duration, google search engine consider, you have stopped working on your site and stop focusing on your site.

Ultimately, your indexing decreases and meanwhile other sites take advantage of this situation and get ranked higher. It will automatically affect your traffic. And, If you are making money through blogging, it indirectly decreases your earning because of low traffic.


Keep in touch with readers

After reading your article, reader might get questions. They try to communicate with you through comment section below every article/post. They consider, you are really good in that topic. And so, they want to have your opinion or answer to there question.

You must reply to their comments with your answers or opinions. It create kind of communication between reader and blogger. If he really likes your article, he share it on social media or with his friends. It help you to do marketing for your blog.


How to start a blog

Starting a blog is quite easy. It only takes 20-30 minutes for complete process, from purchasing domain & hosting to publish your first article on your blog.

You can read detail process about how to start a blog.

You need to have domain name and hosting in order to start your blog. Publishing first blog is not big task. But to maintain it, is quite tough.

You can start a free blog as good as self hosted. Free blog means your blog is hosted on some else’s hosting. You cant take major decisions. Whereas, if you pay for domain name & hosting, it gives you complete authority to do whatever you want with your blog. So, I would suggest to go for self hosted blog.


Benefits of Blogging

Improve writing, knowledge, creativity – As readers ask many questions, it help you increase your knowledge. You cant always write one type of blog all the time. You must be innovative. This way, it improves your creativity.

Improve research and SEO skills

Build your network – Helps you to build strong professional and potential network. It can help you grow your business with their contacts. You can explore different world through them.

Make money – The most important benefit of blogging is to make money. You can make money with affiliate marketing or advertisement or membership. Here you can read, how to make money blogging.

Improve Consistency and Patience – It teaches you to be consistent as blogging needs continuous updates. Whereas, it test your patience too. Lots of blogger expect early returns(in terms of money) from blogging. But it takes time.

Brand Building – Blogging helps to build your brand. Once you reach certain level, users will recognize your company as brand.


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