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What is Website Speed Optimization? Which are best website performance testing sites?

Often, many developer consider the term “website optimization” as “Search engine optimization”. Word “Optimization” creates all the confusion. But actually, both concepts are different yet dependent on one another.

To avoid this confusion, I came up with this very simple article which will explain you

  • What is Website Optimization..?
  • How Speed Optimization Affects Traffic, Indexing & Ranking..?
  • Where can we test Website Performance..?
  • How can I optimize the site..?


Let’s get started –

What is Website Speed Optimization –

Is your website working very slow..? Webpages are not loading fast enough..? Its quite a big issue to worry about. Yeah..!!!!

Why am I saying so..?? Well, Tell me one thing

Will you be on website which takes more than 5-10 seconds to load the page..? NO, right..? Even If you say YES by any chance, you will get bored within few minutes once you start roaming. You will realize that pages are taking too much time, compare to other sites.

To avoid such speed issue, many websites are focusing on speeding up site performance and providing a great User Experience(UX). So, user could stay connected with them for longer duration. If you want to “Get more leads” or “Generate more Revenue” or “Increase Conversion Rate“, Website Optimization is one of the most effective way to do so.

In simple words –

Website optimization is practice of improving speed and performance of website to increase traffic, conversion and engagement rate of visitors.


How Speed Optimization Affects Traffic, Indexing & Ranking..?

Suppose, you are visiting a particular site ““. Its taking more than average time to load the web page. What will you do..? Some will leave site without surfing another page. Some will surf another page on same website and if it is slow too, they will leave the site for sure.

It automatically decreases the traffic and adversely affect ranking and indexing of the site. It also increases the bounce rate. One of the powerful WordPress SEO plugin “YOAST SEO” mentioned in its article,

Page Speed will be a ranking factor.” – (Based on GOOGLE article)

Page Speed Ranking Factor- Google Resource

If you observe above image, you can see bounce rate changes based on page load time. If page load time is more, bounce rate is more. This image is taken from google’s subsidiary site. You can check here.


Where we can test Website Performance –

Just like SEO testing, developer must check for “Website Performance”. As we saw in earlier points, slow web pages can divert the traffic from our site and affect lot of things like indexing, ranking, sales, revenue.

To know the website performance status, we must test the site. I use these 3 sites for page speed/website performance testing purpose.

PageSpeed Insight is particularly designed as per need of google by google. Remaining two, designed in generalized way.


1. GTmetrix

GTmetrix – Website Speed Optimization Testing Site


2. Pingdom – By SolarWinds family

Pingdom – Website Speed Optimization Testing Site


3. Pagespeed Insights – By Google

Pagespeed Insight – Website Speed Optimization Testing Site


How can I optimize the site..?

Till now, we saw, how to test website performance with above mentioned sites. Now, its time for optimization.

If you observe last three images, you will see one curly brace on each image. Those points are nothing but suggestions given for speed & performance improvement. You just need to follow there instruction and that’s it..!!! You are good to go.

Lets take an example of Pindom image.

As we can see in image, Redirects and DNS lookup need to be fixed. Once developer fix both the point, it will reduce the redirection and increase the speed of webpage. Ultimately, it will affect performance grade.

Once developer solve all the mentioned issues, site will be optimized completely.

Note – Important thing to remember is that, website optimization or speed improvement is not one time task. You will have to check for it at regular interval as code improvisation goes on.

If you think, I missed any point to mention, please share it through comment. It will be helpful to our readers and me as well.

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